Training Services

The Center for Training Excellence

Recognizing the critical importance of training, The Hana Group has established the Center of Training Excellence (CTE).

Staffed to facilitate and integrate the training resources of all the affiliated NHO companies, the CTE provides the certified and licensed trainers who provide consistency of standards through approved Government and State curricula in all industries….security, facilities management, grounds maintenance, staff augmentation and range operations.

Hana benefits from coordinated quality training centrally managed and executed locally with dedicated training records management.

Continued Growth

The Center for Training Excellence has been established to provide an institutional and centralized facility for the purposes of achieving the Goals and Objectives stated in this Training Program. 

More than brick and mortar, the Center for Training Excellence embodies the intent and spirit of achieving training excellence in all endeavors, and ensures the continuing scrutiny and improvement of all training activities. 

Additionally, the Center for Training Excellence provides a centralized point of coordination of trainers, training courses, instructional aids and materials, and training records maintenance.

Initially established at the The Hana Group's office in Crystal City, Virginia, the CTE is intended to incorporate all classrooms, training storage facilities, and records storage areas.   Moreover, the CTE will have such “notional” sites as may be extended through distance learning and internet training courses. 

CTE sponsored events and activities may be projected into rented or borrowed facilities “in the field,” and may be communicated via videos, graphics, written or oral instructional materials, group internet sessions, or telephone conference calls.  As informational technologies grow and expand, the CTE is charged with the requirement to utilize all effective and efficient means to accomplish training courses and sessions, and to transmit the training message to the field.

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